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Excel based apps for the pressure equipment design. Discover possibilities.
PPC EN 13480-3
Pressure Piping Calculator ver. 2017

49 €

Power Piping Calculator ver. 2020

49 €

Process Piping Calculator ver. 2020

49 €

frequently. asked. Questions.

On how many PC's can I use these apps? License.

Full version is provided as a single user license. The license for one PC is lifetime. If you change PC, buy new, lose etc. you have to buy new copy of the app!
Our apps are macro protected and it is not possible to run them on more than one PC. So be careful where (at which PC) you would run our app.
If you would like to use our apps on more than one PC you must buy new copy for each PC.
Apps can't be resold, shared, transferred, redistributed, or otherwise provided to the third party (even for free).

How I obtain full version after payment?

After clicking on the BUY NOW button you will be redirect to the PayPal.
Once your request has been successfully completed and confirmed by PayPal, you will be automatically redirected to the page with a direct download link.
If your download link will not generate after 60 seconds, or if you will have any troubles with downloading please Contact Us immediately. We will send you purchased app via email.

What is the difference between demo and full version?

The material database in DEMO version contains only 1 material. You can't add new material to the database. All other possibilities are the same as in the FULL version. DEMO can be downloaded directly by clicking on DEMO button.

Is installation required?

Our apps do not require any installation. It is Excel file (you must have only MS Excel 2007+ for OS Win XP+ installed).  Our apps are very simple, user friendly and extremely easy to use. So just run it on your PC.
! The use of our apps requires deactivation of the EXCEL macro virus protection !
! Excel versions for Mac having issues using our apps built-in macros !

Can everyone use your apps?

YES. On the other hand, the usage of our apps requires trade knowledge in the field of piping design. It is recommended for use by person with a basic understanding of EN 13480-3, ASME B31.1 or ASME B31.3. Our apps should be used together with relevant standards.
The user is responsible for the accuracy of the methods, procedures and results. The computed results need to be interpreted with regards to construction by a professional.

How to solve problem with decimal separators?

The proper functionality of our apps requires changing Decimal symbol from the DOT (.) to the COMMA (,) symbol in the Windows regional settings set-up.
(Go to Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > Region and Language > Formats tab > Additional Settings > next to Decimal symbol make use of the COMMA (,) instead of the DOT (.) symbol).
For custom output view in the Excel (DOT instead of the COMMA) follow this set-up:
(Excel Options > Advanced tab > under Editing options, clear the Use system separators check box > type new separators e.g. DOT (.) in the Decimal separator and Thousands separator boxes left Blank).

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